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Promoting Mumbai

Mumbai, the City of Experiences

For all its chaos, Mumbai is a thriving and lively city, producing more wealth and culture than any other city in India; there is no doubt that Mumbai in the 21st century is a tremendously exciting place to be. Over the last few years, a high-profile magazine has launched every couple of months, new newspapers have been set, dozens of new television channels have started operations and voluminous books about the city have invigorated international interest in Mumbai. New art galleries have opened up and well-established Indian artists are increasingly using Mumbai as an element in their works. The city’s nightclubs play the global cool of house and trance and home-grown mishmash of remixed Bollywood meets electronica via hip hop as well. The country's first symphony orchestra was formed in Mumbai in 2006. New clubs that fly down international acts are packed every night and major pop and rock stars have started including Mumbai on their world tour schedules. For the global traveller, flying in to Mumbai’s spanking new international terminal, the city has never been more attractive. Mumbai offers the unique experience of being not one city but many worlds: exhilarating, disheartening, charming, revolting, addictive, unfathomable and uncontrollable, but never boring.