Cargo Development

Facilities & Services


Material Handling Equipment:
  • Forklifts
  • Weighing Scales (includes 30 MT Capacity Weighbridge)
  • Hydraulic Pump Trolleys
  • X-Ray Machines
  • ULD Storage
  • Truck Docks
  • Dock Levellers
  • Platform Trolleys
  • Power Outlets – Refrigerated ULDs
  • Multilevel Racking Systems
  • Automated Car Offloader
  • Articulated Hi Reach Trucks

Note: 30 Ton Capacity Weighbridge in exports is also capable of generating IATA standard airline ULD tags

Storage Facilities:
Export Cold Storage:
Facility Temperature Range One Time Holding Capacity Annual Handling Capacity
Perishable Centre +15 to +25 ºC, +2 to +8 ºC, 0 to -10 ºC 160 Tons 75,000 Tons
Cold Storage +15 to +25 ºC, +2 to +8 ºC 100 Tons 25,000 Tons

Export Perishable Cargo Terminal:
Export Perishable Cargo Terminal

Export perishable cargo facility is a state-of-the-art temperature controlled facility dedicated for export pharmaceuticals and perishable products.

  • Non sterile area of 730 sqm and sterile area of 1400 sqm
  • CCTV survelliance
  • 4 truck docks at landslide and 3 release docks at airside with air curtains
  • Capacity to handle over 40 ULD’s
  • Temperature range: +15

Import Cold Storage:
Facility Temperature Range One Time Holding Capacity Annual Handling Capacity
Import Cold Zone +15 to +25 ºC 860 Tons 75,000 Tons
Cold Storage +15 to +25 ºC, +2 to +8 ºC, 0 to -10 ºC, 0 to -18ºC 426 Tons 25,000 Tons

Import Cold Zone:
Import Cold Zone

The largest airport based facility in India for import air freight requiring controlled ambient storage condition.

  • One time holding capacity – 860MT
  • Dedicated material handling equipment (high reach and hand pallet trucks)
  • Temperature range: +15 to +25 deg celcius
  • CCTV survelliance
  • Dedicated handling staff
  • Volume capacity: 1733 cubic meters
  • 1148 skid positions
  • Data loggers and Infrared thermometers
  • Humidity control and vacuum dewatered flooring
  • Accomodates cargo received from 08 cargo aircrafts

Total Cold Storage Capacity – Imports
Temperature Range (Degree Celsius) Capacity (Metric Tons)
15 to 25 885
2 to 8 342
Temperature (Freezer) 42
5 to 15 18
Total : 1286

Export Unitization Zone:
Export Unitization Zone

The Export Utilization Zone is designed to offer one-stop solution to the airline customers covering services like Unitization, ULD Weighment, generation of IATA standard airline ULD tags and comprehensive documentation. The facility being closer to the freighter bay provides faster connection of ULD’s to the cargo aircraft.

Santacruz Air Cargo Terminal (SACT):
Santacruz Air Cargo Terminal (SACT)

Santacruz Air Cargo Terminal is India’s largest state-of-the-art common user facility for domestic cargo handling.

Export Heavy and Bonded Cargo Terminal:

Export Heavy and Bonded Cargo TerminalExport Unitization Zone is a state-of-the-art facility offering exclusive handling for odd dimension cargo, heavy shipments and bonded cargo received from hinterland.

Dangerous Goods:

Dangerous Goods Facility
Exports Capacity (Tons)
Imports Capacity (Tons)

Dangerous Goods Dangerous Goods


  • 1) Dangerous Goods facilities are approved by the Directorate General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).
  • 2) A dedicated storage room for Radioactive material is available in imports. Radioactive storage facility is approved by Atomic Energy Research Board (AERB)

Valuable/Vulnerable Cargo Storage:

Separate enclosures for storage of Valuable/Vulnerable cargo which has round-the-clock CCTV surveillance, lock & key and human security surveillance.

Other Facilities:
  • Dedicated Cargo Management System
  • 04 lane access for cargo vehicles to cargo terminal
  • 5 dedicated freighter aircraft parking bays
  • 46 plug points for active refrigerated ULD’s
  • Trans-shipment cargo storage facility
  • Round-the-clock operations
  • Banks: Yes Bank & State Bank of India
  • Regulators: Indian Customs, Animal Quarantine, Plant Quarantine, Drug Control, Airport Health Officer, Food Safety & Standards Authority of India, Wild Life Protection Authority and Bureau of Civil Aviation Security
  • Public Canteen
  • Vehicle parking area (both cargo and passenger vehicles)
  • Separate holding lanes for export & import cargo vehicles
  • Dedicated team for management of cargo vehicles
  • Office space for stakeholders (Regulators, Airlines & Freight Forwarders)
  • Conference Hall (Trade facilitations)
  • Training Room - Security, Safety & Operational trainings (In-house & Stakeholders)
  • Customer Service Cell (Pre-alerts & Operational queries)
  • Grievance Redressal Cell
  • Separate facility for unaccompanied baggage handling (Dedicated Customs)
  • Air-conditioned waiting room for unaccompanied baggage customers and stakeholders
  • Separate storage facility for import cargo ageing 30 days (Cargo under section 48)
Upcoming Projects:
  • Export pharmaceutical terminal expansion
  • Exclusive export perishable terminal for agro commodities
  • Exclusive transhipment cargo terminal
  • Temperature controlled transport vehicle on Tarmac for health care cargo
  • IATA CEIV certification
  • Renovation of cargo terminal Main gate to enhance security measures


Import Handling:
  • Documentation
  • Breakdown and Binning
  • Irregularity reporting
  • Cargo arrival notification to consignee
  • Delivery Order
  • Special care and attention for express shipments and pre-alerts
  • Key Account Managers - Customized handling
Export Handling:
  • 100% weight & volume check
  • Screening & Certification
  • Customized ULD Build up
  • Manifestation
  • ULD weighment & Inventory
  • Generation of IATA standard airline ULD tags
  • Flight Supervision
  • Special care for express, high value and temperature sensitive shipments
Special Cargo Handling:
  • Temperature control
  • Hazardous Goods
  • Live Animals
  • Post Office Mail
  • Valuables/Vulnerables
  • Odd side/Heavy Cargo
  • Human Remains
  • Fragile Goods
Trans-shipment Cargo Handling:
  • Faster offloading/loading of outstation bonded trucks
  • Quick connection to departure flight
  • CTM Handling
  • Safe & Secured storage for transit cargo
IT System:
  • Custodian Management System – GALAXY
  • Service level management
  • ULD management
  • Real time data capture and update to customers
  • Discrepancy handling & reporting
  • Cargo arrival notification to consignee
  • Delivery order
  • Developments:
    a) Ground Handling Application (C2K message compliant) b) GMAX (GVK MIAL Air Exchange) – India’s First Air Cargo Community Portal c) E-Freight compliant station d) India’s First Cargo Mobile Application

The need for increasing security regulations, stricter compliances, pressure on efficiency to reduce transaction costs and the ever growing need for better supply chain visibility makes digital exchange of information imperative. Creating a digital e-freight community is the only option in building the sustainable, paperless and efficient future of air cargo. As a significant trade facilitation measure, enabling the trade with automation tools to enhance operational efficiencies, MIAL along with its strategic technology partner Kale Logistics has created India’s first airport cargo community system ‘GMAX’-GVK MIAL Air Exchange. GMAX facilitates the movement of goods and information by offering a comprehensive electronic data Interchange service platform connecting all the cargo stakeholders. GMAX is a unified electronic platform that will strengthen digital interface between cargo terminal operator and all air cargo stakeholders including customs, custom brokers, airlines, freight forwarders, shippers/ consignees and other statutory bodies. The new platform has put an end to the manual processes, multiple data entries and improve transparency in the supply chain.

IATA e-Freight Compliance:

MIAL is e-Freight compliant certified by International Air Transport Association (IATA).

  • e-Reception (export)
  • Elimination of hard copy of airway bill at cargo acceptance (export)
  • Online carting order (export)
  • Advance shipment information (export)
  • Online examination receipt (import)
  • Online delivery order message for MAWB and HAWB (import)
  • Automated vehicle token generation to provide real time update of cargo vehicles
  • Electronic FWB/ FHL messages (import)
Safety & Security:
  • 258 CCTV Cameras
  • 100% Screening
  • Metal Detectors
  • X-Ray Screening
  • Explosive Trace Detectors
  • In-house and outsourced security personnel
  • Access Control
  • Special Investigation Department
  • Fire extinguishers & sprinklers